Finding Arizona Arrest Records

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In the state of Arizona, when a person is arrested, the date of the arrest as well as the crime that he or she is being charged with will be put into record and is then accessible by officers of all law enforcement agencies, including the federal government. The Arizona Department of Public Safety is a state agency that is somewhat of a records keeper. They are responsible for the maintenance of all arrests, as well as criminal records in the state of Arizona. This is where individuals can get a copy of Arizona arrest records for the exclusive intention of establishing an accurate and complete record of the arrest.

The first step in acquiring an arrest record in Arizona is to get a record review packet from the Department of Public Safety. You can contact the Criminal History Records section of the agency to obtain a record review packet. You will need to disclose your name and address so that they can send you the record review packet through the mail.

The mail that you will be receiving will contain full written instructions, a blank fingerprint card, a contact information sheet and a pre-addressed return envelope. This is the most convenient way to obtain Arizona arrest or police records without having to go to the agency?s office. Read the provided instructions carefully and start filling out the contact information sheet. Start by writing your full name and address on the designated space on the contact information sheet. You will need to provide your social security number as well.

The next step is to fill out the fingerprint card with a full set of fingerprints for identification purposes. This is a standard procedure for anyone who Public Arizona Arrest Records wishes to obtain a copy of Arizona arrest records from the Department of Public Safety. You can visit your local police department to have them do the fingerprinting process, for less than ten bucks. Or, you can go to a private fingerprinting company instead.

Once you have completed the requirements, filled up all the papers and have had your full set of fingerprints on the fingerprint card, you can send the record review packet to the Criminal History Records section using the provided return envelope. You need to make sure though that the fingerprint card is not bent, folded or deformed in any way, Arizona Arrest Records otherwise you will have to do the whole fingerprinting process again, because the agency cannot process a fingerprint card that is deformed. Even a small crease can render the fingerprint unreadable.

Once the Criminal History Records section receives your completed record review packet, they will start processing it, after which they will send you your complete Arizona arrest and police records within fifteen working days. If you have no history of arrests or have no criminal record, the agency will be sending you an audit without any criminal or arrest record.