Free New York Birth Records

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New York Department of Health Vital office Records Section maintains New York birth records. Such documents are considered controlled documents since the office only releases the How To Find New York Birth Records document to the person whose name is reflected on the record. It can only be obtained from the birthplace of an individual.

Residents of New York use the birth New York Birth Records Lookup record for several of reasons. It is mainly used by the citizens to trace the history of the family. Checking the population of New York is done by the government using the birth records. These documents are important requirements of a job application. It is also one of the important documents asked by any government office when doing legal matters. Parents of adopted children can be easily traced using the birth certificate.

The record would contain details about the birth of an individual such as the name, place and date of birth. The name of the attending physician and the parent's name are also indicated on the record. Other information such as the weight and height of the child at birth, the gender of the child and the time of delivery are included on the document.

The certification unit of Vital Records Section in New York releases birth certificates that were registered since 1881. An individual who was registered in 1881-1897 in Queens and Richmond cannot request for the record at the Department of Health. Certificates which are registered before 1914 at the Yonkers, Albany and Buffalo can be obtained from the office of the local registrar. The record should have aged for at least 75 years. The person on the document has to be dead to retrieve it for genealogical purposes.

A $15 fee has to be paid to get a certified copy of the birth certificate in New York. To request for a genealogy copy, an $11 fee will be required. The genealogy copy can be released after 10 months since the date of request. The process would include a three year index search and microfilm re-filing. The fee increases when the search is beyond three years. The birth certificate can be personally retrieved from the office or mailed to the requesting party's address. The document can also be sent through fax. The internet is the most useful method in accessing the record.

The retrieval of public birth record is now convenient through the use of the internet. It proves to be faster than the usual method to obtain the record. The internet is the choice of those who are currently living outside the state of New York. The record can be obtained within seconds. Online retrieval of the certificate has a charge and it still requires basic information about the individual in question.